Is cost keeping you from Therapy?

Everything seems to be going up in price these days and it tends to leave us thinking what can we cut from our budget? Is therapy one of those things? Let’s make sure that isn’t the case.

We have a few options to make sure you are still getting the help you need for your mental wellness, without you feeling like you are sacrificing.

2022 Masters Level Intern
  1. Masters Level TherapistWe have 4 Masters Level Therapist who are all at the end of their Masters Programs and are working toward their 450-750 hours needed for internship. They are all trained in 16 clinical hours of DBT training and adhere to the standards all of other therapist are asked to do. They are able to see clients in
    Missouri and Kansas, they do not bill insurance and only charge $30 a session.
  2. We offer Telehealth. How does this help? It saves on gas and anytime you might loose to take off of work. It is convenient and all of out therapist offer it.
  3. Scholarship options – Scholarships are open to Masters Level Clinicians only and are available after a client is an established client. There are only 2 slots available for each Masters Level Clinician.
  4. Group therapy – Group therapy is currently offered Wednesdays from 5:30PM-7PM and is a DBT Skills Group that is offered at $10 a session.
  5. Podcast – Need some support between sessions or want to know more about a skill you and your therapist went over? I bet there will be some information on our blog and though our podcast – Finding Middle Path.
Finding Middle Path Podcast

Want to learn more about any of these things? Please be sure to reach out to us at or call/text us at 816.500.2070.

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