Emotion Regulation – Fitting the Facts

Each one of our emotions has a purpose and knowing how to Validate them first helps us to control them and then learn what to do next. This skill is so powerful in teaching you how to understand their true purpose.

Anatomy of an Emotion

The above is the Anatomy of the Emotion. When emotions happen there are many things that happen all at once, so breaking it down helps to understand where we can control ourselves and interweave skills to help our outcome be something that fits our values and not engage in maladaptive behaviors. First there is aContinue reading “Anatomy of an Emotion”

3 Pillars of Mental Health ( not 4 )

Spiritual . What do you believe? Your Core Values, the beliefs you have for the present life and the one after. How are you nourishing your soul? Social/Environment/Finances. Friends are important because they bring companionship, support and enrichment to our lives. According to the Mayo Clinic, people who have friends are generally physically and emotionally healthier and enjoyContinue reading “3 Pillars of Mental Health ( not 4 )”

Values Assessment

Have you ever filled out a values assessment or taken the time to put words on what your values are? This is a quick exercise that will help you to narrow down the language to help you understand the things that are most important to you and check in with yourself that you are respectingContinue reading “Values Assessment”

DBT Resources – DBT Workbook for Kids and Caregivers by Carol Lozier, MSW LCSW

As a therapist I have used a few of the mainstream DBT books that help clients individually and in a group setting and while they are good, I would like for you consider the following workbook as a great addition for your DBT toolbox. Carol Lozier is a wonderful DBT writer and social worker whoContinue reading “DBT Resources – DBT Workbook for Kids and Caregivers by Carol Lozier, MSW LCSW”

Distress Tolerance Skill – TIPP Skill

The TIPP Skill is a quick intervention that is used to change your body chemistry, so that you can begin to regain some control and then look for validation or problem solving. This is especially helpful in a panic attack situation or where you have just been triggered and feel numb. 


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