Most Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started?

How long is a Therapy Session?

The best way to answer this is that a typical therapy session is 53 minutes. This is considered a Therapeutic Hour to account for documentation that needs to be done for the insurance company. Even for our clients who are Self Pay we still do a 53 minute sessions.

Where is my link for my Telehealth session?

When you sign up for a therapy session you use your email so that you can get all your documents in your client portal. If you sign up for text and email communication it can come through both. You should get a reminder to your appointment 10-15 minutes before your appointment via text and email (depending on what you gave permission for). There it will have a link to click through and sign on with. If you do not have the link you can text us at 816.500.2070 and you can update your phone number and email in the client portal at anytime.

Do you take Insurance?

Yes and No. Some of our therapist take insurance and they are limited on which insurance they accept. On each of their pages it list what insurance each one take at this time. We do offer Superbilling for other insurances or using an HSA/FSA card.

We also have Masters Level Interns who do not take insurance and charge a discounted rate of $40 a session. Since this is a masters level intern we do not do Superbilling at this time.

Do you accept my EAP?

At this time we do not work with any EAPs. EAP’s are Employe Assistance Programs that are a benefit of the company you work with and are not directly tied to your insurance. Therefore, we have no knowledge if your company offers this by running/pre-checking your insurance. We suggest you talk to your HR director to find out how to best use this resource.

Why do you come up in our EAP Search?

Because we are IN NETWORK with so many insurance companies it automatically populates.

What Insurance are you In Network with?

  • Humana
  • Medica
  • United Healthcare
  • UMR
  • HealthSCOPE
  • Cigna
  • Optum
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield (while we are in network with BCBS we are not taking New BCBS Clients at this time – 3/16/2023)

I have insurance, why was my card charged?

With health insurance each plan is different. We do run Insurance and Benefits checks prior to each session. You are also encouraged to call the number on the card that is next to Behavioral Health.

When we check with insurance, there will either be a Co-Pay or a Deductible associated with the visit that can range from $0-150. This is based on your plan and the contracted amount that is associated with the insurance company and Middle Path Counseling.

At the time/day of service we run the card on file to what the contracted Co-Pay or Deductible is. We also submit a Claim to the Insurance company. If the insurance company comes back with a different amount then what was quoted, then we have to adhere to what the insurance company tells up. This means you may owe more then what was expected.

This is why it is important to contact your insurance company and double check what is covered.

Middle Path Counseling MO has a policy that we do not allow clients to carry a balance. If there is a balance for any reason, we will ask that amount to be paid before your next session.

*Your card can also be charged if you had a late cancel or no show fee.

What should I expect from my first appointment?

The first appointment is called an Intake/Initial Assessment. In the first session we ask you a lot of questions about your life so we can get a better understanding as to what is going on.

With Middle Path Counseling our Intake Process includes a few extra things to understand and treatment plan better:

  1. Intake/Initial Assessment
  2. Family Dynamic Questions
  3. Genogram
  4. Values Assessment
  5. DBT House/Goal Setting

Be sure to ask your therapist about these tools and make sure you are getting the maximum out of your therapy experience.