Benefits of Telehealth in Mental Health

Since our office has been doing Telehealth (Simple Practice) since March 2020, we havn’t had anytime to discuss the benefits of Telehealth in a Mental Health Setting. It is no secret that there is a Mental Health crisis that we are still in. Many are from the original wave of COVID and a mix of the political environment. Now it is a mix of wanting to find a normal and still trying to fit in the old way of doing things.

There has been so much change in the the last year alone, it has been hard for people to find a routine or a baseline. This is why continuing to have some routine around mental health is important and making it easy for clients to get connect with their therapist weekly and bi-weekly is just as important.

We have noticed the following benefits:

1. Convenience – You can meet with your therapist in much more flexible time slots. You can also book online 24/7 and see your bill and any super-bills.

2. No Commute – You don’t have to drive through traffic at lunch or 5pm when it can be the most stressful.

3. Cost – While the cost of Telehealth remains the same, many insurance companies have decided to cover quite a bit of the cost if not all of it.

4. Consistency – You are still able to meet with your therapist and set a routine. Even when everything else feels like it might be changing around you, you know that on Tuesday at 2PM you still will see your therapist.

Need help finding a therapist near you? Try these resources:

Psychology Today

Meet Monarch

Interview with Emily Keehn with Timberline Knolls Finding Middle Path Podcast

We are so honored to have Emily Keehn, LPC – Speak with us today on behalf of Timberline Knolls a treatment facility in the suburbs or Chicago. Timberline Knolls ( TK ) is a Mental Health Residential Treatment program that focuses on using DBT ( Dialectical Behavioral Therapy ) with their clients. They have many other programs that and we are thrilled to talk to Emily who has been with TK for 6years and to see the development of many of their programs. If you want to find out more about TK please visit They also have a wonderful YouTube presence with helpful videos. Be sure to follow them. — Send in a voice message:
  1. Interview with Emily Keehn with Timberline Knolls
  2. Kevin Hart is a DBT Resource
  3. Why Telehealth is important for Mental Health
  4. Interview With That Darn Amygdala
  5. Interview with Amber Seater

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