Self Soothe Skills

TasteHave a good meal; have a favorite soothing drink (i.e. tea, hot chocolate); have your favorite ice cream; eat mindfully; have a mint or something with a strong flavor  
HearingListen to soothing music; sing your favorite song; pay attention to sounds of nature (birds, rain, waves at the beach and waterfalls). Get a white noise machine. Play an instrument.  
SmellPut on your favorite lotion/perfume/cologne; light a scented candle; bake cookies, cake or dinner; take a walk outside in a wooded area and take in the smells of nature.  
TouchTake a bubble bath; put clean sheets on the bed; pet your dog or cat; put lotion on your whole body; put a cold compress on your forehead; brush your hair for a long time, hug someone.  
VisionWatch a sunset; look at a picture or poster that you like; make one are in your room look nice; look at nature around you; walk in a pleasant part of your neighborhood
DBT Self Soothe Skills

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