The Behavior Chain Analysis (BCA) Tool

The Behavior Chain Analysis Tool is used many times throughout the DBT treatment. It can feel overwhelming to some and it is designed to help the client and therapist both understand all the surrounding elements that cause problematic behavior. 

  • Problematic Behaviors can be:
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Cutting/Self Harm
  • Eating Issues
  • Not Taking Medication
  • Missing Sessions/Canceling/Showing up late
  • Skipping School
  • Dating Issues
  • Disassociating
  • Avoiding
  • Fighting
  • Not using skills or asking for help

This tool can be used in or out of therapy. It is a tool that the more you observe the more you an understand what you do and do not have control over. You also get to see what progress you have made and where you would like to put more of a focus on in your therapy sessions.

Behavior Chain Analysis Tool ( DBT )

Applying Dialectics Finding Middle Path Podcast

After learning what dialectics are, it is important to see how we apply the concept and how we challenge the old black and white / opposite thinking.  We use 2 resources this week. Lane Peterson – DBT Skills Training Manual and Atomic Thinking – James Clear  ( all on amazon ) .
  1. Applying Dialectics
  2. Understanding Dialectics
  3. Behavior Chain Analysis Tool
  4. Relationship Repairs and the 25 Red Flags
  5. DBT+5 Love Languages

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