Understanding Dialectics

Dialectics are helpful way to view the world. In simple terms, it is when two opposing truths can be true at the same time.

a.) Dialectics teach us that there are more than one way to see a situation and more than one way to solve any problem.

b.) Dialectics consider all people to have unique qualities and different points of view.

c.) Dialectics stress the important of looking at the world with an open mind, without absolutes, avoiding black and white, all or nothing thinking.

d.) Dialectics points out that only change is constant.

  Acceptance + Change = MIDDLE PATH

If we accept that two things that seem like opposites can both be TRUE, then we can pave the way toward a MIDDLE PATH.

Ways to think and act dialectically:

1.) Move away from “either-or” thinking to “both-and” thinking. Avoid words like “always” and “never”. Be descriptive and honest.

2.) Practice looking at other points of view. There are always at lease two sides of the story. Find the kernel of truth in each one.

3.) Remember that no one has the absolute truth.

4.) Use the “I feel _______” statement.

5.) Accept the different opinions can be legitimate (although you do not have to agree with them).

6.) Do not assume that you know what another person is thinking and feeling. Check out your assumptions.

7.) Do not expect that other people can read your mind!!

Applying Dialectics Finding Middle Path Podcast

After learning what dialectics are, it is important to see how we apply the concept and how we challenge the old black and white / opposite thinking.  We use 2 resources this week. Lane Peterson – DBT Skills Training Manual and Atomic Thinking – James Clear  ( all on amazon ) .
  1. Applying Dialectics
  2. Understanding Dialectics
  3. Behavior Chain Analysis Tool
  4. Relationship Repairs and the 25 Red Flags
  5. DBT+5 Love Languages

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