Our Word for 2023 is TOGETHER. I was listening to a song recently before the holidays and this song came up. 2022 was a year where I noticed that relationships and connections were lower then they have ever been in my life and business. As a person who come from the South (originally), this has been hard. It has impacted many areas of my life and I noticed that there needs to be a change.

This change is I want to be more connected. I want people to not feel alone and I am tired of competition. The business world and a scarcity mindset makes many of us believe the worst about ourselves and our business. It makes us think we need to be “the answer” or “the one” so that there is always enough. This makes it hard to grow a business or build your “tribe” of support. So its time to stop gatekeeping and stop thinking “I’m the best” or “I have to do …., in order to be….”. It keeps us all alone and isolated.

So lets Connect. Lets do life together. Its to hard to think you can do it all alone. Stop. Just stop. Its ok that you are a hard worker and you have done so much by yourself and its ok to be a little leery at first, AND lets see our strengths for what they are and how they can help others and build off each other.

Don’t do life alone, Let’s do this TOGETHER!

Email me if you want to connect .

(King and Country – TOGETHER)

“If we fall (if we fall), we will fall together
Take my hand (together)
Come and stand
When we rise (when we rise)
We will rise together (we will rise together)
Together (that’s right!)

Together we are dangerous
Together with our differences
Together we are bolder, braver, stronger”

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