2023 Diary Card

Ready to start using the DBT Diary Card? There are many types that are out there and this our most recent simplified one. It is quite simple to use. You start on the day that you start it and put in the date .Then you go through and you track what is needing to be tracked at this time. Need to track if you took your meds today? Any self harm urges/thoughts?

I highly recommend you use this tool by taking 5 minutes at the end of your day and reflecting back on what your overall day looked like. Want to try and track it during the day? No problem, and if you need to make extra notes just write on the back of the card. The point ins’t to get super detailed, its mainly to have those minor moments of monitoring your mood and behavior though-out the day. Remember small changes are what we are looking for.

Use this tool with your therapist and you can track your changes throughout your therapeutic journey.

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