How to use DBT to set goals in Therapy and in Life.

The main goal in DBT is to decrease any-type of problem behavior.

Behaviors to Decrease:

  • Interpersonal Chaos, loneliness, being in unhealthy relationships 
  • Unstable moods and emotions, and willfulness
  • Impulsive behavior, difficulty accepting reality 
  • Mindlessness, emptiness, judgmental attitude

Behaviors to Increase:

  • Interpersonal effectiveness
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Distress Tolerance
  • Mindfulness

Before setting a goal with a client we do a quick Values Assessment:

The next step is the fun DBT activity of the DBT House:

As stated in the Podcast other people have used the SMART goals Model :

Please reference here for more info on SMART Goals.

Boundaries during COVID-19, Election Year and the Holidays. Finding Middle Path Podcast

COVID Fatigue, Election Fatigue and the Holidays are a great time to sure up your boundaries and make sure you are staying true to your values and what you can control and what you are responsible for. Saying NO is NOT easy, so I have provided a few easy concepts to use during this time to help take care of self and say NO! 
  1. Boundaries during COVID-19, Election Year and the Holidays.
  2. Resource – Carol Lozier – DBT Therapeutic Activities Ideas for Kids an Caregivers
  3. Distress Tolerance – TIPP Skill
  4. Distress Tolerance – ACCEPT Skill
  5. Practicing Mindfulness with Mindful Eating

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