Learning to reduce emotional vulnerabilities with the ABC Please Skill

The ABC Please skill are important for many reasons. We not only need a way to validate our emotions when they happen ( like we just learned in Fitting the Facts ) we also need to know all the different reasons our mood is impacted. Once we know those we can begin to apply Simple Solutions to help reduce as much as we can. If we can not apply simple solutions or can not at the time, we then have a simple awareness that then leads to grace and understanding and reduces any negative thought patters. Such as, “I must be crazy”, or “Why am I so sensitive.”

Remember in DBT it is not about the big changes but the little ones that add up along the way.

Looking for more information on ABC Please. Be sure to check out these resources:

DBT® Skills Training Handouts and Worksheets, Second Edition Second Edition, (Spiral-Bound Paperback) – Marsha Linehan

DBT Therapeutic Activity Ideas for Kids and Caregivers – Carol Lozier

Effectively saying YES and NO. Finding Middle Path Podcast

Do you know how to effectively say YES and NO? The following is the DBT criteria for how to learn the intensity and the criteria on asking for a need to be met or for you to say no effectively and still maintain the relationship. Find more at http://www.findingmiddlepath.com 
  1. Effectively saying YES and NO.
  2. The FAST Skill and Bringing It All Together
  3. Give Skill and Levels of Validation
  4. Interpersonal Effectiveness – DEAR MAN
  5. Intro to Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

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