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TRUST is a powerful thing. When you have it in someone, or a relationship it can really bring the relationship to a natural level of comfort. Yet in the opposite, when there is a lack of it a relationship can tend to quickly fall apart at the seems. But what if you don’t trust yourself?

A few years ago I read a great book called “So Long Insecurity” by Beth Moore. It was such a great book , but I think its time for a check up. The book focuses on why women have, and develop these insecurities. It hits home with any woman, and causes a woman to really think “am I really secure with who I am?” After shaking your foundations it then starts to evaluate why women develop these insecurities. Most of the times it talks about family histories, or work, or finding security in your job or what you spend most of your time on. Yet it also talks on how relationships with men can tend to really rock us to our core.

It is crazy how women who feel that they are completely sane can do things that are ridiculous in a relationship. Things that they see later on in life and thinking “Who was that person?” I call it the “crazy gene.” Yes I have evaluated women in the past and passed my own judgement, but when your are in the moment you just cant see how deep you are.

So what is the cure? Well the biggest one is to find security and trust in yourself. Who are you? Who makes you who you are? What do YOU like, feel, believe…? When those things are found, it tends to help you to center your thoughts about trust.

It is when we start to drop the concern of ourselves that our lack of trust, and insecurities then falls on those around us. Things completely spiral out of control and when trust is broken it is hard to rebuild.

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