Compliments go a Long Way.


Now days it is so easy to slip into the Negative. “Life Sucks”.., “You wont believe what happened at work today..”, insert any negative comment and you can relate. The negatives seem to come easier, and the positives seem to fade away. In fact, it has been said that for every 99 complements the person tends to remember the 1 negative statement. We are looking for reasons to be

I don’t know you are the kind of person to give random compliments to random strangers, but if you are I’m sure you have thought about if it made a difference or not.

Yet if you have ever been on the other side of the compliment then you know that in YOUR life it can make a difference. When life is busy, and the phone is ringing, you are writing something down in your calendar so you dont forget it and someone else it tying to ask you a question that requires thought, you can be a little over whelmed. Yet when some one simply smiles, and gives you a compliment on your appearance, or how great of a job you are doing or simply says ” I hope you have a great day (sincerely) it can really help your mood.

Therefore make a challenge to give out 1-3 Random Compliments (that are sincere). If you get in the habit then it will hopefully come back on you 2 fold. Or you can also think that “What goes around, comes around.” Be honest, open and think of something really great to brighten their day.

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