5 Simple Dating Rules

Had a tough week of dating?  Maybe it’s time to revisit some Simple Rules when it comes to dating. 1. YOU GET TO BE PICKY!! – We are talking about someone your going to spend time and money with and you get to be picky.  2.DON’T CHASE ANYONE. Chasing and Pursuing hey, you is differentContinue reading “5 Simple Dating Rules”

Relationship Repairs + the 25 Red Flags

Relationships take work. The healthy ones show signs of repairs and valuing each other in the relationships. The Toxic ones have warnings signs and Red Flags. Lack of compromise. Subtle control, such as strongly encouraging you to dress a certain way. Guilt tripping. Coercive behavior, or behavior that pressures you into things. Having a typicallyContinue reading “Relationship Repairs + the 25 Red Flags”

Resource: How I Hacked Online Dating