5 Simple Dating Rules

Had a tough week of dating? 

Maybe it’s time to revisit some Simple Rules when it comes to dating.

1. YOU GET TO BE PICKY!! – We are talking about someone your going to spend time and money with and you get to be picky. 

2.DON’T CHASE ANYONE. Chasing and Pursuing hey, you is different .  Pursuing imply a that your both – equally putting in the energy and work. If your working harder than them it won’t work. 

3. KNOW YOUR PERSONAL VALUES. What is important to you? What values do you want to share with someone.

4. KNOW YOUR NON-NEGOTIABLES . What are your must haves?

5. DON’T TRAUMA BOND. Don’t just share all your trauma on the first date. Dating takes time and you want to take the time to get to know someone to know that they are safe to hear your trauma. 

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