Hours of Operation


We have decided to change up our Hours of Operation. You can still Book Online 24/7 and call and text us at 816.500.2070. Yet, our response via text and phone will be between the hours of 10AM – 5PM Monday – Thursday.

If you are in need to talk to your therapist via a Coaching Call please reach out to their number they have provided to you. If your therapist is Rachael Julstrom you can still reach out via 816.500.2070 just specify that you need to speak to her personally.

Coaching Calls are pivotal in DBT ( Dialectical Behavioral Therapy ) as they are used when a client is going through a difficult situation and needs a reminder of the skills or needs some “coaching” during the difficult situation. Therapist can assess and see if there is a need for an emergency session or if the client needs to be elevated to a higher level of care.

Coaching calls ( or text ) are typically under 15 minutes.

Emergency Sessions are sessions that the client needs either the same day or are booked with in 24 hours due to a high needs situation. These are covered by Insurance (if you are using insurance) and are a standard $30 if you are seeing an intern.

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