Anatomy of an Emotion

The above is the Anatomy of the Emotion. When emotions happen there are many things that happen all at once, so breaking it down helps to understand where we can control ourselves and interweave skills to help our outcome be something that fits our values and not engage in maladaptive behaviors.

First there is a triggering event. This can be anything from hearing I got a raise to I am getting fired. Remember, the trigger is the only thing we can not control and this will come when we are not expecting it.

Next there are 3 things that happen quickly and simultaneously and that is the Emotion, Thoughts and Bodily Responses.

Then the last is the outcome/action that comes from the emotion. This can be a behavior that violates our values or we feel we the best response for the situation.

Therefore, take a minute and choose an emotion that had an action or behavior that you were not “excited” about. Take a minute and break it down and fill in the blanks and see what comes up.

Are you having trouble? Reach out or take this worksheet to your therapist and work through it with them. Remember you are just getting started so it may feel rocky at first, but way to stop and do something diffrent!

#EmotionRegulation #FitTheFacts #CheckTheFacts

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