A New Podcast: Finding Middle Path

Welcome to a new Podcast about all things DBT ( Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) and all resources around it.

Why a podcast about DBT? It is the therapy I use the most in my personal life and with my clients to get the best intended results. Want to know more about your emotions? What to learn how to survive a panic attack or depressive episode? or Do you want to have Healthier Relationship? This is what DBT is all about.

I have been doing this for over 5 years and with each year my resources expand and grow with each skill. DBT is a therapy that I do not feel stuck in as a practitioner and as a percipient. As a christian and a counselor the skills are very adaptable to any spiritual practice.

Though this podcast it will be structured around the Fundamentals and skills and to share personal stories of people who have grown through DBT and have developed a life worth living.

Overall, I want you to ask any questions about therapy and get over the stigma of reaching out for help. “It is Ok Not to Be Ok.”

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