Hilarie Andrews, MA

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Hilarie Andrews holds a Master’s of Arts in Professional Counseling, and is currently pursuing clinical licensure in professional counseling. In addition, she has obtained a license as a Professional School Counselor. As the need for general and online mental health services has drastically increased, Hilarie has transitioned her focus on clinical work, which now includes providing Telehealth therapy options. 

Hilarie received an undergraduate dual major in Psychology and Sociology from Northwest Missouri State University in 2010. She soon after attended Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and College, graduating with a Master’s in Clinical and Professional Counseling. Upon graduation, Hilarie worked treating women who were incarcerated within the Missouri Department of Corrections system.

In addition to her passion for mental health issues that impact underserved populations, Hilarie maintained a strong desire for her professional career to include work with adolescents and the family unit. In 2016, she took an additional educational opportunity and became a licensed Professional School Counselor.

Hilarie has 6 years of clinical experience in diverse settings, seeing a variety of mental health concerns. She is particularly competent in working with youth, family units and dynamics, as well patients recovering from varying types of abuse, addictions, grief, crisis, and depression. Her other areas of interest in the therapeutic setting include personality, anxiety, and attachment disorders. It is her devout personal and professional belief that those who are provided the resources and strategies, along with the desire to overcome, grow, and heal, will!

Hilarie is currently pursuing her PhD in Professional Counseling, and eager to serve patients during these uncertain times.  

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