How to use DBT to set goals in Therapy and in Life.

The main goal in DBT is to decrease any-type of problem behavior. Behaviors to Decrease: Interpersonal Chaos, loneliness, being in unhealthy relationships  Unstable moods and emotions, and willfulness Impulsive behavior, difficulty accepting reality  Mindlessness, emptiness, judgmental attitude Behaviors to Increase: Interpersonal effectiveness Emotional Regulation Distress Tolerance Mindfulness Before setting a goal with a client weContinue reading “How to use DBT to set goals in Therapy and in Life.”

Top 3 Therapy Books ( Non-DBT )

Boundaries – Dr Henry Cloud and John Townsend Co-Dependent No More – Melody Beattie  Trauma Stewardship -Laura van Dernoot Lipsky As stated in my recent podcast I highlight reasons why these are my GO TO books that are non-DBT.

What you need to know when starting DBT.

What to know at the beginning of starting DBT ( Dialectical Behavioral Therapy). Some key elements all clients should be aware of are:  Individual Therapy Sessions Coaching Calls Diary Cards Group Therapy Each is a vital part of DBT and add an extra element that some other therapies do not offer.  What questions do youContinue reading “What you need to know when starting DBT.”

A New Podcast: Finding Middle Path

Welcome to a new Podcast about all things DBT ( Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) and all resources around it. Why a podcast about DBT? It is the therapy I use the most in my personal life and with my clients to get the best intended results. Want to know more about your emotions? What to learnContinue reading “A New Podcast: Finding Middle Path”

COVID-19 and Checking the Facts

There are so many ideas floating around about the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Should I wear a mask? How long does it take to disinfect? How much alcohol needs to be in hand-sanitizer to be effective? It can cause anxiety when so the information is constantly being thrown at us. This is why it is VITAL toContinue reading “COVID-19 and Checking the Facts”

Compliments go a Long Way.

Now days it is so easy to slip into the Negative. “Life Sucks”.., “You wont believe what happened at work today..”, insert any negative comment and you can relate. The negatives seem to come easier, and the positives seem to fade away. In fact, it has been said that for every 99 complements the person tends to rememberContinue reading “Compliments go a Long Way.”